Sneakersnbonsai interview

In August recognized custom sneaker maker, Sneakersnbonsai visited Hungary. Csaba Kiss a.k.a. Dent Kicks Custom (Hungarian custom sneaker creator) and Dániel Buza, owner of Rapcity and Footure sneaker stores at Budapest invited him for a collab project with Csaba. Read our interview with him after clicking „tovább„!


Sneakersnbonsai x Footure x Dent Kicks Custom

Let’s start with a short introduction! What should we know about you?

I create custom sneakers with the artist name of Sneakersnbonsai. Csaba and Dániel invited me for a little co-working.

Please tell us a few words about your artist name!

I was thinking about what name should I choose. Finally I created my name from my two hobbies, sneakers and bonsai trees.


His two hobbies: bonsai tree and sneaker

What made you to start creating custom sneakers?

On the one hand, I haven’t been satisfied all the time with the original look of sneakers, so I started to change them on my own taste. On the other hand, as a collector I’ve always been interested in rare models. So it was a win-win situation for me.

So are you also a collector? How many pairs do you have?

I’m sure I have less, than my wife aware of. I reduced my collection due to her influence, so I have about 200 pairs.


The master during work

Have you had any previous studies/experiences, which help you to start making custom sneakers?

I haven’t. I have found out everything. I have browsed the internet a lot and I have tried, tried, and tried. However I have ruined many pairs during this process, but this was the way I was able to experience what can I do during painting/customising. And that’s how I was able to improve my technics. It all started when I was a teenager, but as a profession I’ve been doing it for 2 and a half years.


Professional consultation with Dent Kicks Custom

When did you see that you might do it for a living?

About a year ago. I opened my store 6 months ago, and I started to receive orders constantly.

You usually work with Asics. Can you please explain us why?

Because I love Asics so much. It’s my favourite brand, I like to wear it. And also 80% of the orders are for Asics.


You can see Sneakersnbonsai and his wife in Asics 🙂

You have a „Hungarian connection” in your life. Please tell us a few words about that!

My wife and her family are Hungarian. And I really like Hungarian sausages also 🙂

(Look for „kolbász” if you visit Hungary! You can see Sneakersnbonsai’s recommendation on his T-shirt.)


The new open „table” for Footure

We would like to thank for his kind wife, Sandra for her help during the interview! You can find Sneakersnbonsai on his webpage, Facebook and of course on Instagram. Check them, and make your orders. And don’t forget about Csaba, who is making steps everyday for international recognition! 🙂


The masterpiece

And we would also thank for Dániel Buza and Footure shop! Thank you for organising the event!





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